The Tales of Tangl


by Scott Michael Kessman

I have always been a writer, since the days of early childhood, when I was first able to put my dreams into words.  Many years have passed since those days, and until now, I saw fit to happily labor away at a multitude of short stories and longer story ideas, with the idea in mind that I would one day publish a collection. I am proud of all my stories, but The Tales of Tanglewood is not just a story. It is the culmination of many years worth of dreams. It is a wish upon a star, glowing brightly in the midnight sky. It is a childhood fantasy of wonder and magic brought to life. Partially inspired by my love for fantasy and folklore, and also my love for my wife, whose ideas contributed to much of the story, I would hope that anyone who reads it can feel the same magic I felt when writing it. I currently reside in North Carolina. I write. I draw. I cook. I enjoy the little things in life.                                       ---Scott Michael Kessman

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