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The Webs Guide to fantasy books, movies, posters and more. Essays, critiques and tutorials on the world of fantasy

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Creativity and Medieval Fantasy with an Edge. Projects on how to build a catapult, a trebuchet, diorama, a virtual reality booth and many other creative things.
Everything in the world about fantasy books. Information about the genres and series in the realm of fantasy
The webs only epic fantasy site. Books, movies, essays and articles about epic fantasy.

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In February 2007, a group of passionate people gathered together to share a vision and to dream a dream. From this gathering the Irish Cultural Centre of Long Island and the Great Hunger Memorial was born.

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Irish Blessings, Toasts and Prayers are part of an old tradition, and are basically meant to convey feelings of warmth and happiness, amongst both friends and strangers..

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Join us in the current renaissance of interest in the lore and legends, art and music inspired by the muses of Faerie.

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